GC Hamburg-Treudelberg, Lemsahler Landstr. 45, 22397 Hamburg
GC Hamburg-Walddörfer, Schevenbarg, 22949 Ammersbek
GC Gut-Kaden, Kadener Str. 9, 25486 Alveslohe
Hamburger Gold-Club Falkenstein, In de Bargen 59, 22587 Hamburg

27th of May until 31st of May 2019

26 th of May practice round not on all courses (depending on personal pre-booking)
27th of May Friendship Trophy, fourball-bestball (4BBB) on two courses at Treudelberg and Gut Kaden
28th of May 1st golf round on Gut Kaden, Treudelberg and Walddörfer
29th of May: golf free day.
Volunteers can play for extra cost on an attractive Championship Course. Detailed Information will follow. Last Registration by May 10th
30th of May 2nd golf round both on Treudelberg and Gut Kaden
31th of May 3rd golf round both on Falkenstein and Walddörfer

All competitions will be given a start from 09.30 am from hole 1 and 10. The Group pairings will be announced one day prior to the competition in the House of Friendship (HoF).

The Tournament will have several divisions based on the player’s handicap index (exact handicap) as determined by the golfing body of their country. The exact hcp will be adjusted by the slope index of the particular course. During the tournament the players exact hcp will not be adjusted.

Rotarians : 0 – 12.4 hcp – medal play, gross and net

The World Champion will be from this division with the best Gross result during the duration of the 54 hole championship.

Players in this division may be mixed with players from other divisions.

Rotarians : 12.5 – 19.4 hcp – stableford net

Rotarians : 19.5 – 28.0 hcp – stableford net

DIVISION Veterans:
Optional for Rotarians 70 years of age and over as at the beginning of the tournament. This division will play off forward tees. Players who qualify for this category must decide at the time of registration either they want to play in Veteran’s category or not.
Rotarians: 0 to 36 handicap – stableford net

Partner and Guest Division (will play 4BBB, May 28th and May 30th :
Division 1: 0 to 18.4 hcp – stableford net
Division 2: 18.5 to 36 hcp – stableford net
Past Rotarians play in this division.

Divisions with 5 or less entrants will be linked to another division as decided by the Committee

Nation’s Cup:
Three best net stableford scores from all players of one nation in all Rotarian Divisions including Veteran’s division are taken into consideration during each of the 3 competition days (except 4BBB). The best 3 net stableford results of each day will be accumulated and the nation with the highest accumulated sum of points will win the trophy.

Rotarian players of 70 years and over, from div 1,2,3, female and male, play stableford if applied for until May 20th . Players from Division “Partners and Guests” do not qualify for this trophy.
Winner: best net stableford result. (Trophy)

Friendship Trophy (4BBB):
In 4BBB Stableford two players play as partners although the hole is played by each of them, using their individual full handicaps. At the conclusion of the hole, both players of a team enter their score on the card. From each flight the best net stableford score from each hole will count. The winner will be the team who gets highest number of points. In case of tie lower summarised team hcp will win.

In all competitions, men are playing from yellow (club) tees and women from red (forward) tees. Veteran men and women are playing from red (forward) tees, but must register for that category separately either at filling in the event registration card or by May 20th ,2019; no later changes.

Rules of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club, supplemented by any local rules, will apply. If a larger entry requires to play on several different courses, players in each division will play the same course the same number of times. Local rules will be explained at the players meeting.
In the event of dispute or the need of decision, the ruling of the Tournament Committee (Rules) will be final.

In case of tie:
In case of tie lower hcp will win, except in Rotarian Cat I for gross medal play, there will be play off as decided by the committee.
Any protest, by any participant, must be made to the OC not later than two hours from the posting of scores on any given tournament day.

The number of competitors in each competition shall be decided by the Committee. The maximum EGA exact HCP allowed for Rotarians (men and ladies) is 28,0 and partners is 36,0.
Players with EGA exact HCP 28,1 (men) / 36,1 (women) or higher are eligible to
participate only in Stableford competitions and their HCP is accounted as 28,0 or
36,0 correspondingly.

Any competitor who arrives late at his/her starting point, ready to play, shall incur a penalty of two strokes within five minutes after his starting time (see Note to Rule 5-3a).

Caddies are allowed in all competitions. The competitor is fully responsible for his/her caddie’s actions. Any breach of rules, competition conditions or etiquette by the caddie results in a penalty to the player. A caddie’s outfit must meet the requirements set for the clothes of the player; footwear must be sports shoes without spikes.

Competitors shall walk at all times during a stipulated round unless permitted to ride by the Committee. For fairness reasons it is expected that booking and usage of buggies is only done by those players who have difficulties to walk due to age, disabilities or illness.
Round three for the leading group of players will be played at the golfcourse of Hamburger Golfclub Falkenstein where the use of buggies is not possible.
Penalty for Breach of Condition: two strokes for each hole at which any breach occurred; maximum penalty per round: four strokes. In the event of a breach between the play of two holes, the penalty applies to the next hole. Use of any unauthorized form of transportation shall be discontinued immediately upon discovery that a breach has occurred. Otherwise, the competitor shall be disqualified.

It is recommended that the player make the stroke in no more than 40 seconds after he or she is (or should be) able to play without interference or distraction, and the Player should usually be able to play more quickly than that and is encouraged to do so. The time allowed will be determined by the Committee and will be published on the official notice board. Out of position is defined as being more than the starting interval behind the group in front. A competitor whose group is timed will have a bad time carried forward in the round even if the group subsequently arrives back in position or within time.
Penalty for Breach of Condition:
One bad time Verbal warning from a Rules Official
Two bad times One stroke penalty
Three bad times Two stroke penalty
Four bad times Disqualification

(1) Competitors may not be advised that they are being timed.
(2) Timings will be taken from the moment it is deemed by a Rules Official that it is the competitor’s turn to play.

All competitors in the Championship must play with a ball that is named on the current R&A List of Conforming Golf Balls (see
Penalty for Breach of Condition: Disqualification.

The driver the competitor carries must have a club head identified by model and loft, which is named on the current List of Conforming Driver Heads issued by R&A Rules Limited (see Penalty for Breach of Condition: Disqualification.

Suspension of Play due to a Dangerous Situation (Note to Rule 5-7a) The signal for the suspension of play due to a dangerous situation will be:
Discontinue Play Immediately: One prolonged note of siren.
Discontinue Play: Three consecutive notes of siren, repeated.
Resume Play: Two short notes of siren, repeated.

It is obligatory (if weather facilitates) to wear the event polo shirt (provided in the welcome pack by the organizing committee) during the Friendship Trophy 4BBB competition. Entrants shall comply with the by-laws, rules and dress regulations of the host club.

The use of a mobile telephone, paging device or any other form of electronic equipment, except of those allowed, by a competitor or his caddie while on the golf course during a stipulated round is distracting and inconsiderate. If the competitor or the caddie is in possession of such a device, it should be turned off. Any use may result in the Committee taking disciplinary action against the offending person(s) in accordance with the concluding paragraph of Section 1: Player Conduct Rule 1.2b

Competitors must return their scorecards, in accordance with Rule 3-3b, to an area designated by the Committee as the “Scoring or Recording Area”. Penalty for Breach of Condition: Disqualification.

When the final results are placed on the official notice board and/or results sheet, the results of the Championship shall be deemed to have been officially announced. Any dispute must be referred to the Committee before the conclusion of play on the final day and not later than 15 minutes after play concludes on the preceding days.

The Committee reserves the right to cancel any round, suspend the competition or to modify the form of play.

The following World Championship prizes will be issued:

Division 1 – Rotarians HCP 0-12,4:
Gross (stroke play) 1” Prize / Carl-Miller-Trophy (has to be put at the disposal of IGFR for the next year’s champion)
(cannot win another prize, except Nation’s Trophy or special prizes)

Net (hcp stroke play) 1” Prize
2” Prize
3” Prize

Division 2 – Rotarians HCP 12,5-19,4:
Stableford net 1” Prize
2” Prize
3” Prize

Division 3 – Rotarians HCP 19,5-28,0:
Stableford net 1” Prize
2” Prize
3” Prize

Veterans Trophy – Rotarians HCP 0-36 (stableford net):
1” Prize
2” Prize
3” Prize

Division 1 – Partners HCP 0-18,4 (stableford net):
1” Prize
2” Prize
3” Prize

Division 2 – Partners HCP 18,5-36,0 (stableford net):
1” Prize
2” Prize
3” Prize

Nation Cup Trophy, best net stableford summarized result

Special Prizes
will be given at the discretion of the Committee.

Friendship Trophy (4BBB, stableford net):
(award giving ceremony will be during the Wednesday evening program)
Rotarians + Partners 1” Prize
2” Prize
3’’ Prize

Special Prizes at Friendship Trophy, May 27th 2019 (women and men together):
Nearest to the pin at:
– GC Treudelberg hole t.b.a.
– GC Gut Kaden hole t.b.a.

All competitors agree that there are certain risks inherent in the game of golf and accept personal and sole liability for all such risks.

Tournament Director:
Mr. Bruno Meissner,, +49-174-3222300

Mr. Gerd Dempewolf, +49-160-98054982, and Georgi von der Osten-Sacken, Axel Heck (PC Caddie)
Organisation Committee Members: Mr. Bernd Eberstein, Mr. Michael Hamalij

Referees at Golfcourses:
Treudelberg: Julia Smailes,
Gut Kaden: Wolfgang Mych,
Walddörfer: Nicole David,
Falkenstein: Wolfgang Apel